Organising our Second Test Trip

Organising our Second Test Trip

…And we’re back! Sorry for the long silence folks but we are back on track for our travels to Perth…from Perth.

Before I go into the topic of this post let me welcome the newest member of our team. Tonina Clark has decided to join on us on our epic expedition across this planet. Tonina is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Nursing at Notre Dame University in Fremantle, is a member of 1st Waylen Bay Rover Crew and also the Joey leader at 1st Attadale Scout Group. Welcome aboard Tonina!

As we prepare ourselves for this trip we have been organising small test trips to get ourselves ready both mentally and physically for this large expedition.

Our first test trip was last December when we travelled to D’Entrecasteaux National Park. We learnt many things from this trip and it allowed us to test our 4WD driving skills and refresh our camping skills.

Driving into camp
Getting ready to drive into camp
Enjoying a nice day on the beach
Enjoying a nice day on the beach

Now we are planning for our next trip. We are still deciding on a final location to go to but we looking at up north. So somewhere around here.

Map of where we are looking at going.

North Map
© OpenStreetMap contributors

More news on that trip will be coming as we plan it over the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading and more frequent updates are coming!

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