What/Who is a Rover?

What/Who is a Rover?

I am sure some of you who are reading this are wondering what/who is a Rover? Well now is the time we answer that important question!

To quote from our About page.

Rover, n. a male or female Homo sapien aged between 18 and 25 years old, dedicated to fun and adventure, whilst serving the community in the Scouting way.

Rovers are the oldest Youth Section in the Scouting Movement. As a Rover you will experience fun, fellowship and personal growth.
Rovers meet as a Crew and participate in a variety of activities. These activities offer the opportunity to mix socially, push yourself physically, challenge yourself mentally and develop spiritually. Each Crew is different and chooses the activities that suit its members the most.

As Rovers we partake in many fun and exciting activities to better ourselves and others around us.

We generally try to participate in activities that come under the following categories but each crew is slightly different.

We try to help our community as much as we can whether that be the Scouting community, the local community or the national/ international community.

Work it out! This is when we try to build up a little bit of sweat and get our bodies moving. We often try new sports and fitness activities for this category.

Rovers try to expand their mind and obtain a greater understanding of the world. For these types of activities we have a run a TED Talk Night, organised a debate with our local members of federal parliament before the last election and also ran a Teach Something, Learn Something where everyone teaches everyone else a unique skill or explains to them a topic of their choice.

With these types of activities we endeavour to see the world and experience it from other points of view. Examples of these are Sensory Deprivation activities as well as Yoga and Meditation.

Rovers try and understand the world from many different people. We talk to spiritual members of our community and also visit spiritual locations to gain a more worldly view.

Using these themes as a guide we aim to create a balanced program for everyone to learn and enhance their everyday lives.

I hope this helps you gain an understanding of what we as Rovers do. Next in this series we will have a look at the award scheme!

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