Our transport to Perth (from Perth)

Our transport to Perth (from Perth)

After months of deliberations we have found a vehicle for our trip to Perth.

We have purchased a Nissan Patrol GU 6 which will be our home and mode of transport for our journey!

Our requirements were to find a vehicle that was reliable, easily maintainable and have lots of storage to take us as well as our gear.

We narrowed our choice down to a few vehicles which fit our criteria and after much deliberations we settled on this Nissan Patrol we found.



Not only is this Patrol roomy enough but we believe it has also been on a tour around Australia already as evidenced by all the equipment installed on it. It has a set of drawers, a lift kit, roof rack, bull bar, HF and UHF radio and dual batteries. We have a few other modifications we plan to make including a water tank, roof boxes and long range fuel tank.

We look forward to keeping you updated as we get closer to departure.


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