Only a few weeks to go!

Only a few weeks to go!

Hello everyone!

Sorry we have been a bit quiet on here. We have been busy preparing for the Ramble that we have not had a chance to update all of you!

Here’s a small snippet of what we have been up to.

During the day we have been gathering up all the equipment for the trip abroad. This includes spare parts for the car, tools and electronic gadgets to help us out.

In the evening we hunker down with our laptops and get more paperwork complete such as visas and other official documents as well as researching where we would like to explore and see on our journey.

In addition to buying all our gear we have been heavily testing the car to check it’s fuel capacity and the quality of it’s components. We are happy with our results so far!

Finally we would like to welcome Del to the team who will be looking after our social media and online presence while we are away. Del is the current Scouts WA Branch International Commissioner and is also a very keen Scout that runs the social media account @RoverScoutProblems. He is more than qualified and we look forward to working with him!

There is only a few more weeks till we depart! We look forward to sharing the journey with you so make sure to subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media so you can stay up to date with the latest news!

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